Imogen & the light fitting! #68

By: sandiquiz, 8:27 AM GMT on January 31, 2016

THOUSANDS of homes and businesses have been left without power as Storm Gertrude hit the UK Friday and Saturday, bringing snow, 144 mph winds and 50 foot waves.

I found that the church is actually in a north Cornish fishing village - and this is what it looks like normally!

The storm hit the whole of the west of the country.

And again as it hit Blackpool


Updated: 5:34 PM GMT on February 08, 2016


By: sandiquiz, 12:50 PM GMT on January 17, 2016

This morning I awoke to about an inch of snow....
then spent a pleasurable couple of hours watching the birds come to the feeder.


These are the birds I saw, and was able to get photos of from the comfort, and warmth,
of my computer chair in the dining room!
I have arranged the birds in order of size, from the largest visitor to the smallest.



Updated: 2:08 PM GMT on January 17, 2016

Floods ravage ancient monuments

By: sandiquiz, 10:29 AM GMT on January 06, 2016

I posted this below into Calpoppy's blog and then thought I could use it as a new blog... after all, today is Epiphany, so Christmas is over.

It was announced yesterday that December in the UK was the warmest for over 100 years and the WETTEST ever on record! You don't say!!
Just the damage it has done will be remembered for a couple of generations!

Three ancient stone bridges have collapsed, with repair b...

Updated: 2:53 PM GMT on January 08, 2016

The 12 days of Christmas.

By: sandiquiz, 12:06 PM GMT on January 01, 2016

As we enter the new year, we still have 6 days before Epiphany, which falls on January 6th, therefore we have five days left of the TWELVE DAYS of CHRISTMAS - (25th December to January 5th).

Now there is one Christmas Carol that has always baffled me.

What in the world do leaping lords, French hens,
swimming swans, and a partridge who likes sitting in a pear tree have to do with Christmas?


Updated: 3:07 PM GMT on January 01, 2016

300 year old bridge collapses #36

By: sandiquiz, 11:08 AM GMT on December 27, 2015

December 26th - Boxing Day

I finally arrived home after seven hours in the car, covering almost 500 miles today. That does not include five hours with C's family and three hours with mine!

During the morning, as we drove north, the weather was awful. Storm Eva was doing her worse! Torrential rain produced blinding spray and surface water, which in turn resulted in aquaplaning for many vehicles who didn't know how to ...

Updated: 10:42 PM GMT on December 30, 2015

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