2016 Offseason

By: nrtiwlnvragn, 7:29 PM GMT on November 25, 2015

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Storm Tracks Link

These storm tracks are from the National Centers for Environmental Prediction and include both extratropical and tropical cyclones. They are highly speculative, you will see storms appear and disappear model run ...

Always on My Mind

By: nrtiwlnvragn, 9:21 PM GMT on October 30, 2010

It's now been a year two years three years four years five years since I origionally wrote this, yet you are.....

You came into my life when I met your previous owner and we got along pretty well. You were growing up in a house full of teenagers and their friends, and your lifestyle reflected theirs, late nights and a diet of pizza, burgers and tacos more than dog food. I caut...

Updated: 2:23 PM GMT on October 31, 2015

Trying to reason with the Hurricane Season

By: nrtiwlnvragn, 1:07 PM GMT on May 21, 2010

Updated: 12:29 PM GMT on October 30, 2010

Trying to reason with the hurricane season

By: nrtiwlnvragn, 2:54 PM GMT on May 29, 2008

Updated: 1:10 PM GMT on November 30, 2009

2007 Hurricane Season Forecast Review

By: nrtiwlnvragn, 6:53 PM GMT on September 17, 2007

2007 National Hurricane Center Forecast Verification ReportModel Changes for 2008NAMGFDN

Updated: 10:01 PM GMT on May 15, 2008

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