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By: BigBug , 10:30 PM GMT on February 18, 2012

Time again to put up a fresh entry, so am having Little Bug get me started anew. Even if I don't post often, I do appreciate visits, posts and comments.

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88. palmettobug53
4:23 PM GMT on May 03, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Will arrive lunchtime or shortly before.

Will email "L", too, since you still may not
be able to get to your blog.
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87. palmettobug53
4:27 PM GMT on May 02, 2012
things are really busy here at work.

Of course they are.

I'm taking Friday off to come up to
see you.

A day off is all the gods need to
decide to pile on the work.
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86. palmettobug53
4:58 PM GMT on May 01, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I'm probably talking to myself here
but that won't be anything new.

Looking forward to seeing you

And it is definite. I am off Friday, so
will come up a day early.
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85. Proserpina
12:44 PM GMT on May 01, 2012
Photo by Proserpina


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84. palmettobug53
4:56 PM GMT on April 30, 2012
Well, just on the off chance that you get
yourself back here....


"L" told me in her email about Uncle G
last week that you couldn't get to my
blog. I think she meant your blog.

If you are reading this, don't forget
that the site sometimes will burp and
log you off. you have to log back on.

click on 'sign in' and enter your email
address and password. Remember where I
put them for you? Under that stack of
papers on your desk? If not, we'll
have another class when I get up
there this weekend.

Even if you are logged off, you can
read your blog. You just have to take
another route to get there.
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83. palmettobug53
4:18 PM GMT on April 27, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I got an email from Uncle G's oldest daughter
telling me that he'd had a small stroke and
was in Self Memorial. that is was fairly
mild, on his left side and seems to be
affecting his speech, more than anything
else. Saying one word when he means
something else.

She said he was supposed to go home today.

She also told me about her nephew about
choking to death at Golden Corral Sunday
and having to have an endoscopy to get
that morsel of food out. Sounds like he's
got the same esophagus issues Uncle G has.

I will tell our cousin when I call her
tonight but I imagine that she may
already have heard from you or Uncle D.

Really, really busy at work today. End
of the month is Monday and The Upper Echelons
are freaking out about unbilled accounts.
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82. palmettobug53
4:41 PM GMT on April 26, 2012
Hi, Dad.

It's official.

Your little girl is now on statins.

No more grapefruit or grapefruit juice.


I'm not picking up my scrip until Sat so
I guess I'll binge on grapefruit for two
days. The condemned woman's last fruit.

Have no idea what it's going to cost me. He
did give me the generic of Zocor, rather
than the Lipitor, which has still not gone
generic. Hubby is on that and it is
expensive. The out of pocket is $50.00
a clip.

My HDL was within the desired range and my
overall numbers weren'tweren't terribly bad
but they weren't the best they could be.
My LDL, however, was really lousy.

Rats, rats, rats.....
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81. palmettobug53
4:31 PM GMT on April 25, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Temps are headed back up into the 80's again.
Put the blanket on the bed, take it off, put it
on, take it off.......

I go to see my primary care doctor tomorrow
about my cholesterol levels from those labs
he ran last week. Drat! He's gonna probably
want to put me on Lipitor but I'm gonna fight
that until it goes generic. Pfizer keeps
getting an extension, as they're making money
hand over fist on it and don't want to lose
their captive market.

It's bad enough that Hubby is on it and has
to pay $50.00 out of pocket every time he gets
a refill. We don't need two of us on it. That
will bee $100 a month!
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80. palmettobug53
4:31 PM GMT on April 24, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Stopped by my dentist's new office yesterday
to make an appt to get started on the two
teeth that need repair. they did not have
an opening until May 9th, so I'll just have
to be careful when I eat, to avoid any more
breakage until then. At least, it's not
causing me any discomfort.

They're no longer downtown on Courtney. They
built a new office on Hwy 17 just past Wesley
Dr., as you head W. Ashley. Just across the

It's a really nice, spacious office with
lots of parking. Their old parking area
was a really tight squeeze. I never drove
the truck over there. I just left it in
the parking lot at work and walked over.

I'm still planning on coming up Saturday,
May 5th, so mark your calendar. I'll have
to head back Sunday, though.

Haven't spotted those lizards again, though
it's been a little too chilly for them to
be running about much. Too chilly for me,
too. We had to cut the heat back on.
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79. palmettobug53
4:57 PM GMT on April 23, 2012
Hmmmm..... I don't know if those
lizards are Puerto Rican anoles or not,
after doing some more on line looking.

As it turns out, mature green anoles (our
native species) can develop crests for
territorial display.

but I can find nothing about black
coloration on the head. both of them
had black-ish heads.

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78. palmettobug53
4:45 PM GMT on April 23, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Hubby didn't go with me yesterday, as he
was still feeling lousy.

Our cousin came with her son and one of his
daughters. She was in seventh heaven to
have some of her brood with her.

Am going by the dentist's office this afternoon
on the way home to set up an appt.

I thought I had some kind of mutant lizard
on my back fence. Two of them, actually.

They were good sized, like a full adult male
green anole. They were green but had black
heads and crests from their head on down their
back. Doing territorial displays and finally
locking jaws with each other. One finally
backed down.

Since I don't have a computer up and running
at home yet, I had to wait until lunch today
to try to figure out what they were.

As I suspected, they're not mutant green anoles
but an introduced anole from Puerto Rico, a
crested anole. Escapees from the pet trade.

Just what we need. More non-native species.

I must have seen a good half dozen Hoover hogs
dead on the road to O'burg and back yesterday.

I'd seen one on a trip up to see you last year.
Hadn't seen any since.

Spotted one on the side of Hwy 61 Friday, right
at Ashley Hall Rd.

Haven't noticed any holes in the yard yet but
if they get wind of our booming mole cricket
populations out there, they'll be in hog

anyone want some Dillo on the half shell?
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77. sandiquiz
10:49 AM GMT on April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day from the middle of England:)

I know you wish you were with the rest of the family at the reunion.... but you will be with them in spirit:)

Have a lovely day.
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76. palmettobug53
4:56 PM GMT on April 20, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Guess what? I've lost porcelain from
another crown. That makes two snaggles
in my mouth now. One on one side and
one on the other side. I guess I can't
put off calling my dentist any longer.

The first one is no problem. It's just
part of the porcelaina and it's smooth.

the one I lost last night is jagged. I
can live with it for a few days but I'll
have to get it fixed.

Our cousin called Hubby last night to find
out what time she needs to leave to get
to the reunion on time. She says her son, "M",
is taking her. I'm not sure if it is just
him or if any of the other family members
are going with them. I was quite surprised.

Hubby and I are always glad to take her with
us but having her son take her is going to
make her very happy.
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75. palmettobug53
4:47 PM GMT on April 19, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I need to put up a fresh entry for you,
too. This one is getting a bit big.
Since you have dial up internet access,
it may be getting slow to load on the
screen for you.

My appt with my primary care Dr. went
OK. It was just a 6 month, meet and
greet, "Hi, how're you doing?" type
of thing.

We did take some labs to check my B12
levels, my glucose and my cholesterol.

Unless something ugly shows up in the
results, or I get sick, I won't be due
back to see him until October.
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74. palmettobug53
4:30 PM GMT on April 18, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Still pondering on what to take to
the reunion.

haven't heard from our cousin but
I'll talk to her on the phone between
now and Sat evening.

She had me send her written directions
and a map, in case she's able to get
one of the kids to bring her up. IF
she decides to go.

We had our monthly staff meeting this
morning and it has my schedule all out of
whack. I've got work up to my eyeballs, too.

there was something I wanted to tell you but
I've forgotten what it was. Either something
I saw in the paper or something I saw outside.

My brain is like a sieve these days..
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73. palmettobug53
4:24 PM GMT on April 17, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Still computerless at home but I'll get

I've been reading or working crosswords,
while keeping one eye on the TV.

Gas prices here had been holding at $3.74
for a week or two. Friday, I noticed that
a couple of places had dropped to 3.73,
then 3.72. I spotted three places on the
way home yesterday that were down to 3.71.

I have a feeling they'll start rising again
the closer we get to Memorial Day weekend.

Too bad I can't cut a hole in the floorboards,
stick my feet through and run to supplement
my gas use a la Fred Flintstone in those
old cartoons.
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72. palmettobug53
4:47 PM GMT on April 16, 2012
Hi, Dad.

My hard drive was about to kick the bucket,
which is why I was getting all those error

I'll have to see about getting Geek Squad at
Best Buy to override my password, whatever
the heck it was. I set it up, didn't write
it down, as it seemed so obvious. I guess it
wasn't obvious enough, 'cause I never could
get it right to get back into the computer.
Got frustrated and put it up in the closet.
Hubby was a bit put out with me but it will
come in handy now.

I'll have to get a router and set up a secure
wireless access, transfer my Norton Security
program, get squared away with my internet
provider and all that. None of which I really
know how to do, so will have to have someone
do it all for me.

Otherwise, it was a quiet weekend. Did laundry,
cooked dinner, did some chores, watched TV and
read a bit.

Went to see our cousin Sat. morning. She seems
fine but she's still coughing. She's been
coughing for almost two months. She has been
to the doctor a couple of times but I think she
needs to go back again and see why that cough
won't go away.

She said she is trying to talk one or both of
her children into taking her to the reunion
dinner but I don't think they will.

She is welcome to come with us. Wish you could
be there but I understand why not.
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71. palmettobug53
4:30 PM GMT on April 13, 2012

Still really, really busy here and my
work has piled up something terrible.

I also want to tell you that I may not
be able to check in this weekend.
I'm having some computer issues
at home. windows keeps shutting itself
down and I'm getting some error
messages about a possible faulty device
or driver. Or it may be a virus.

I'm thinking it might be my modem. I've
noticed the little blinking lights on it
haven't been blinking normally and my
system has been real slow getting online.

If I can't figure it out myself,
I'll have to take it in and have some
official computer geeks take a look.

Wish you felt up to coming to the reunion
next weekend but I understand.

Heard you got some BIG tomato plants!

If I can't check in this weekend, you
have a good one and I'll touch base with
you here Monday.

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70. palmettobug53
5:38 PM GMT on April 12, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Short visit today. We had a meeting this morning and it ran on for almost 2 hours. I almost missed lunch.

Got a lot of work to do today because we had system
problems yesterday and I'm really backed up.

Will talk to you later.

It got COLD down here!
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69. palmettobug53
4:50 PM GMT on April 11, 2012
Hi, Dad.

One of our programs went on the fritz, which
means work has pretty much skidded to a stop.
That particular program is the foundation of
everything we do daily. Without it, we're

I do have a project to work on, so I
suppose it was good that they hit me with
it yesterday. It has come in handy.

I've been meaning to tell you this joke ever
since I saw it on Shore's blog a week or two

What advice did the mother squirrel have for
her children about crossing the road?

"Now, kids. Don't forget to run both ways."

Ain't that the truth?
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68. palmettobug53
4:32 PM GMT on April 10, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Smelling a bit like Ben Gay but
I'm moving better!

I spent most of yesterday evening
in my recliner with my microwavable
sock at my back.

You've seen it; it looks like a long tube
sock filled with sand or rice or something
with a handle at each end. I had it with
me one time when I came up. I put it
in the microwave, heat it up and apply
it to whatever aches.

I'm too young to be gettin' old!

Busy here, as usual. The work just keeps
coming. Job security, I guess.

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67. palmettobug53
4:40 PM GMT on April 09, 2012
Hi, Dad, from your 105 year old daughter.

I feel like 105. Or like I've been run over
by a semi.

Did some yard work yesterday. Pruning, chopping,
cutting, pulling up... You name it, I was doing
it. I had no idea I'd been out there for over 3

I sure as heck feel it today. Even last night,
I was starting to stiffen up.

I felt good about getting it done, though. It
should have been done 4 weeks ago but I couldn't
get outside with all the tree pollen.

Next year, I'll have to make a point of doing it
as soon as everything browns off. Or at least
before the tree pollen starts.

I need to hobble back to the break room and
heat up some soup.

If I can get out of my chair!
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66. palmettobug53
2:08 PM GMT on April 08, 2012
Happy Easter, Dad!

I see that Gams, Pros, justlvn and Sandi
have been by to wish you a happy Easter,
as well.

I got all my laundry and errands done
yesterday, though I still have not
found a new microwave. Walmart has the
best price on the model I want but they
did not have one in stock.

I'm thinking about ordering one from them
online. You can order one and have it
delivered to the store closest to you and
you pick it up from there. I think, if
you do that, you don't have to pay shipping
and handling. I'll have to check their
website to be sure. I know they did offer
that option a year or two ago.

The bluebirds definitely have a brood in
the box. I saw one of them a few minutes
ago, go in there with a bug in its beak.

Gus is outside, enjoying the sunshine and
watching the birds. I'm letting him out
there by himself for short times. I want
him to get to the point where he considers
the backyard home territory.

I got a small ham yesterday at Sav-A-Lot,
which is similiar to the Aldi's in
Greenwood. I'll fix some frozen limas,
rice and some okra.

With all of Hubby's dislikes of so many
vegetables, I find it odd that he does
like boiled, whole okra. Go figure.

I hope the two of you have a nice Easter
Sunday and I'm looking forward to seeing
you in another 3 weeks, on May 5th!

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65. sandiquiz
7:35 AM GMT on April 08, 2012

Easter Prayer

May all happiness be yours,
Your troubles fade away,
And only gladness reign within
Your heart, this Easter Day.

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64. juslivn
4:29 AM GMT on April 08, 2012
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63. seflagamma
4:25 PM GMT on April 07, 2012
Have a Blessed and Happy Easter Weekend!

Hallelujah Egg image
Easter Christian Graphics
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62. Proserpina
3:40 PM GMT on April 07, 2012
Easter Images, Pics, Comments, Graphics
Easter Quotes Pictures - Photobucket
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61. palmettobug53
3:35 PM GMT on April 07, 2012
Hi, Dad.

LOvely day here and I've got the washer
going with the weekly laundry.

No visit to our cousin this morning. She
has all the grandchildren home from school
this weekend. Her son just got back late
Thursday, I think, from a surfing trip with
friends to India, of all places. Who would
have thought India would be a good place to

She wasn't sure what her son and daughter
had planned this weekend, though she was
expecting her daughter to come over sometime
today, with the grands. She didn't know
what time, so I told her not to worry about
trying to fit me in for a visit. We'll
catch up next weekend.

Hubby just got home. I'm not sure what
his plans are for the day.

I've been to a couple places this week, after
work, pricing microwaves. I think Walmart is
going to give me the best price for the size
I want. IF they have the size I want in stock
in white. I do not want black or stainless
steel. They look too dark in my little kitchen.

AFter I left Dr. J's office Tuesday, I went to
Lowe's, which was nearby. They wanted WAY over
$100.00 for a 1.1 cubic foot microwave. $119
on up to $154. That's just ridiculous.

I have gotten all but one of my previous ones
from Walmart in the $65-$85 range and I'm not
paying more.

I stopped by KMart on Hwy 17 Wednesday. They
only offered 4 or 5 microwaves and none suited
me, either in size or price.

Yesterday, I was going to stop by a wholesale appliance place on Hwy 61 near Ashley Hall Rd. Skipped that, as there was some humongous
traffic jam on 61; I had to detour around it
to get home.

I don't know what to fix tomorrow for Sunday
dinner. I thought I'd see if Hubby wants to
go to the S&S but unless we go early or wait
until the rush is over, it will be crowded.

They are usually packed on Sundays and with
tomorrow being Easter Sunday, it will be even
more crowded. We'll see.

Hope you can spend some time on the deck and
enjoy the nice weather this weekend.
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60. palmettobug53
4:50 PM GMT on April 06, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Happy Good Friday. Where has the time gone?
It seems like it just flies by.

We did get a good bit of strong winds,
lightning and thunder last night around 9:00.
Not much rain.

Just before dark, Gus leaped up from his
nap on the floor and ran to the front door.

I got up to see what was going on.

The male Carolina wren was perched on the
decorative iron supports on the front
porch, just hollering away. I could tell
because he was doing his knee bends and his
beak was moving.

It sure had Gus' attention!
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59. palmettobug53
4:29 PM GMT on April 05, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Keep your eye on the weather.

There's some storms headed our
way and some may be severe.

We were in the Tornado Warning
area on The Weather Channel this

The radar doesn't look bad right
now but there's some stuff off to
our west that's headed this way.
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58. palmettobug53
4:23 PM GMT on April 04, 2012
Hey, Dad.

things went well yesterday at Dr. J's
office. He won't need to see me again
until October. I'll be doing my twice
yearly followups with him from now on.

I'd emailed your better half about coming
up the weekend of the 14th/15th. She
responded, saying she'd rather I come the
weekend of 5/5, as she's planning a yard
sale and wants the use of the truck.

i said if that was better for her, then it
was fine with me. It's just a delay of 3
weekends, so it's not all that long, I guess.

So, I'll be seeing you May 5th!

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57. palmettobug53
3:42 PM GMT on April 03, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Quick "Hi" and "Bye" here.

I have my 6 month post op checkup
with Dr. J this afternoon.

Which means I only get 30 minutes
to scarf down lunch.

I think maybe, just maybe, the
generic nexium may be working.

If so, reflux was what has
been causing my throat issues
for the last 6-7 months.

Over cast out there today.

You watch. It will probably pour
down rain just as I get to Dr. J's
office or right when I leave.

Never fails.
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56. palmettobug53
4:40 PM GMT on April 02, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Back to work and busy again.

Gonna be a hot one out there
today. They were saying on the
news this morning that we might
set a high temp record today.

The forecast in this morning's paper
was 91F.

I have my 6 month, post op checkup
with Dr. J tomorrow afternoon.

Will let you know how that goes.
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55. palmettobug53
4:48 PM GMT on April 01, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Aren't those beautiful dogwood flowers
that Pros left for you?

Our's peaked last weekend. Along with
the azaleas and wisteria.

I'm doing better, I think. I'm still
a bit sinus headachy but not like it
was a week or two ago. I think the
worst of the tree pollen is gone.

I did get over to see our cousin for a
visit yesterday. She has been going to
Mass most evenings, with a few suppers
with friends, afterwards. Which is
why I hadn't been able to reach her by
phone. She doesn't always turn her
answering machine on, either. I wasn't
able to leave a message until Friday

Nativity Church holds a lot of Lenten
Masses and they do the Stations of the
Cross. Our cousin likes to attend as
many of those Lenten services as she

She's doing pretty good. She had a
virus about 6 weeks ago but was still
coughing. She went back to the doctor
week before last and he gave her some
medicine for that. She sounded a lot
better yesterday.

I guess it's a good thing I didn't go
over to see her last weekend or the
weekend before. I thought I was just
having allergy issues but the
doctor I saw at the after hours clinic
week before last said he thought I had
a virus on top of the allergies. No
wonder I felt so bad.

I wouldn't have gone over to see our
cousin yesterday, if I thought I was
still carrying germs.

Check with your better half and see if
the weekend of April 14/15 suits her for
me to come up. I still do not have backup
at work, so can only come up on a Saturday
and go back home Sunday afternoon. Like
my last visit.

Management is aware of the fact that she
wants me there for more than a weekend visit
and is sympathetic. Deciding who will be
my backup and getting them trained is on
their To Do list but they have other priorities
at the moment. It will happen but it will be
when they get to it.

It's a lovely day out there and I've got the
laundry going. We had scattered showers
yesterday, so I only got one load washed.

Went to Walmart yesterday afternoon and got
my nose spray prescription refilled. Found
a few shirts and blouses on the clearance
racks, while I was waiting. Found two for
$3.00 each and four others for $5.00 each.
I'll use them for work.

My closet is getting a bit full, so I need
to sort through it and pull some things out
for the Goodwill bag and drop it all off the
next time I go that way. Things that don't fit
or things that I don't wear anymore.

Got the card about the reunion dinner on
April 22nd. We plan to go but I know you
won't feel up to it. It will be odd not
having you two there. I told our cousin that
she can go with us, if she wants. I doubt
that she will, though. Sitting for any length
of time in the car sets her sciatia off.
I'll get to see my uncles, aunts and various
cousins, though. At least, the ones that
still attend. The group gets smaller and
smaller every year.

Gotta get that next load out on the line!

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54. Proserpina
2:25 AM GMT on April 01, 2012
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53. palmettobug53
1:19 PM GMT on March 31, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I guess my subconcious took note of the
fact that I wanted to sleep in this
morning, 'cause I overslept.

I didn't wake up until 9:00.

I never did get through to our cousin
on the phone last night. She did
have her machine on, so I left a
message that I'd call this morning.

I need to get myself showered and
dressed before I try again. If she's
home and up for company, I'll need to
head right out the door.

So, I'd better get going!
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52. palmettobug53
4:35 PM GMT on March 30, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I guess I feel OK.

It will probably be a few weeks before
we know for sure if we know what's going on.

I'll just have to take the generic nexium and
see how it goes. I can talk it over with my
primary care physician next month at my
regularly scheduled appointment.

I am still draggy and tired feeling.
Probably from the last bit of pollen out there,
though the rain this past weekend helped some.

Wish I could sleep in tomorrow but I have a lot
to do.
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51. palmettobug53
4:28 PM GMT on March 29, 2012
Hi, Dad,

No time to talk. I can only take 30 minutes
for lunch today because of having that appt
w/ ENT this morning.

Long story short, everything appears Ok, tho
he agrees that left tonsil is enlarged.

He thinks I may have some reflux, which can
irritate the tonsils and throat. Gave me
a scrip for the generic for Nexium and we
will see how I do. If it clears everything
up, then I can get my regular doctor to write
the next scrip for it, rather than coming
back to ENT. If it does not clear things up,
I need to go back to ENT and he'll start
digging deeper.
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50. palmettobug53
4:28 PM GMT on March 28, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I've got my appt at ENT tomorrow
morning to have them give me the
once over. My appt is 9:10 over
at the Mt. Pleasant office. I
am not familiar with Mt. Pleasant,
so will have to allow myself plenty
of time to find the place.

I may be a little late checking
in tomorrow, as I'll have lots to
do before I stop for lunch.

As I was getting out of my truck
here at work this morning, a red
tailed hawk flew overhead. He
was being kamikazied by two
mockingbirds. He must have really
gotten close to their nest.

It's funny how such smaller birds
will go after larger ones, when
they've got babies around.
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49. palmettobug53
4:48 PM GMT on March 27, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Still feeling better but not quite
back to normal.

Really busy here at work but that's
nothing new.

Saw both the male and female Carolina
wrens yesterday evening, while Gus
took his supervised post prandial
stroll in the back yard.

I haven't figured out yet just where
they nest. I do know it's not in the
nice little wren house I bought 3 years
ago. It's been vacant all this time.
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48. palmettobug53
4:18 PM GMT on March 26, 2012
Aunt "C" sent me pics of "L" and
her first place entry/costume
for the St. Paddy's Day Parade.

We had some more heavy rain late
yesterday afternoon. Hope it
brought down some more of those
catkins and tassels from the trees.

Feeling a little better today. My
throat isn't quite as sore and I'm
not as foggy headed.

Want to try coming up for another
up Saturday and back Sunday visit.

This coming weekend is out, as I
want to be sure I'm not carrying
any germs. You don't need those.

The weekend after is Easter and "L"
probably has something planned.

Maybe the weekend after that?

I won't make any plans until at least
after I go to ENT this week. See
what they say.

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47. palmettobug53
3:03 PM GMT on March 25, 2012
Hi, Dad.

It did clear up enough by the time
I got my second load done, to put
the rest on the line. Had to bring
it in rather suddenly, as it was
coming up a storm late yesterday
afternoon. Managed to get it all
in. Good thing, too. It POURED!

Most of it was dry but there were
a few things that I had to put on
the rack.

Still feeling a bit lousy. I'm
hoping that heavy rain yesterday
put paid to the rest of the pollen
on the trees.

Even if I get to feeling better, I'm
still keeping that appt Thurs. It is
time I talked to a specialist, if for
nothing else, to be better prepared
for next year.

Since I didn't get to any errands
yesterday, I'll have to go to the
grocer today. I have nothing, really,
on hand to cook for dinner today. All
I have is lunch stuff. Sandwiches,
frozen entrees, soup, etc.

I never did get ahold of our cousin
yesterday. Been waiting this morning
to make sure she is up, before trying
again. She usually goes to Mass Sat.
night, so she can sleep in on Sund.

Hope you two have a nice Sunday.
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46. palmettobug53
2:46 PM GMT on March 24, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I'm feeling a little better than I
was but still not my normal self.

The doctor at the after hours clinic
said I probably had a cold virus on
top of the allergies. There's been
several colds/viruses going around and we
have had a few people out of work for
a day or two this week.

I haven't missed work.

My throat is still sore and I'm
my head is groggy.

I did make an appt with our ENT
Dept here at work, to discuss
my allergy issues. I have not
seen a specialist for this at all.
I've just seen my regular doctor
and the one at the after hours
clinic. I think it's time I did
see an ENT. Been dealing with this
for a couple of years now and it
seems to get worse each spring, than
it was the previous one.

That appt is this coming Thurs morning.
I'll have to go over to the Mt.
Pleasant office. The one on
campus didn't have any openings
for several weeks. I didn't want
to wait that long. I feel lousy

No visit to our cousin today. I
won't go over until I'm sure I
wont' spread any germs.

I called her last night but there
was no answer and she didn't have
her machine on, so I couldn't leave
a message. I've tried calling again
this morning; no answer but I'll call
again in a few minutes. She may not
have been up and ready, yet. She does
sleep in as late as 10:00, unless she
has to get up for an appt or something.

The weather is not conductive this
weekend to hanging laundry on the line,
so I've been washing and hanging it
all up inside. I have a couple of
over the door racks and some folding
racks to put things on.

Hubby has been fussing at me about
getting the oil changed in the truck
but I have not had time nor have I
felt like doing it. I'll see if I
can get over to PEP Boys this
afternoon. I think they may be open
on Sundays, too. I can check. If I
don't get it done this weekend, I'll
try for next weekend.

Better stop and try calling "J" again.
She'll worry if she doesn't hear from
me, as I usually go over on Saturdays.
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45. palmettobug53
4:49 PM GMT on March 23, 2012
It did rain pretty hard at the house before I
got home. About an inch.

I went over to an after hours physician place,
Doctor's Care. I've been there before.

Considering I can't take over the counter
cold or allergy meds, I'm doing about all I
can do. Doing a saline nasal rinse, eye drops,
face mask, ibuprofen, benedryl.

He did suggest I try Zyrtec, the regular
version, instead of the benedryl. It seems that
the benedryl issn't keeping ahead of the allergy
effects. He said Zyrtec might do a better job
and might not give me the side effects I dread
with the other medications.

So, I got some on my way home. While it
has cleared up my nasal passages and my
sore throat is about gone, it has my heart rate
up. I had trouble getting to sleep last night
and staying asleep. I'm not sure if I want to
take it for more than a couple of days or so.

I'll just have to see how it goes. I'm still
tired, though.

Hope you two are doing better than I am.
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44. palmettobug53
4:50 PM GMT on March 22, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I'm going to the doctor. I can't deal with
it anymore. The stuffy nose, the headaches,
the sore throat, the cough.

I'm not sure if it will do any good. I'm
probably doing everything already but it
will be a good idea to make sure I don't
have a sinus infection. (No fever and there's
nothing green or yellow coming out, so that's

It looks like there's a huge storm front moving
our way. It's moving into Alabama now. It may
hit us tonight. Poor Hubby. Out in the rain
and dark, doing deliveries.

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43. palmettobug53
4:55 PM GMT on March 21, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Not feeling much better today. The
throat is still sore and I have a
sinus headache. I've also started up
with a small, dry cough the last day
or two. Not all the time, just every
now and then. No fever.

If these symptoms don't ease off, I will
probably check in with my doctor.

Danged pollen....

Hope you two are doing well.
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42. palmettobug53
4:38 PM GMT on March 20, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Aren't Pros' crocus lovely?

Today is the first day of spring but I
think they really mean summer. We have
been topping out at 85/86 degrees for over
a week.

If it's like this now, in March, what will
July and August be like?

If I had the money and the time, I'd move
to Antarctical for the summer.

the nose is better but my throat is sore.
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41. Proserpina
5:28 AM GMT on March 20, 2012
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40. palmettobug53
4:47 PM GMT on March 19, 2012
Hi, Dad.

Back at work. Feel a little bit
better but I'm still draggy.

We did get a downpour around 3:15 or
3:30. Just as I checked out and was
leaving Walmart with my groceries.

Had to wait until it slacked off so I
could get to my truck. Got soaked
but finally made it home.

We got almost an inch of rain. it
should have washed a lot of that pollen
off the trees but there's still tons of
catkins up there.
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39. palmettobug53
3:39 PM GMT on March 18, 2012
Hi, Dad.

I see Barefoot, Sandi and Gams left
St. Paddy's Day wishes for you. That
was very nice of them.

Sorry I didn't get by here yesterday
morning to say 'hello.' I have just
been wiped out from work and my
allergies with all this pollen floating

I didn't even wake up yesterday morning
until almost 11:30. I still feel draggy
today but not as bad as yesterday.

I had asked our cousin for a rain check
on our usual Sat morning coffee and chat.
I didn't feel good and she has one of her
granddaughters home from Clemson. I knew
that she'd want to have some one on one
time with her yesterday.

She had a bad virus about a month ago and
is still coughing. I wish she'd go in to
see her doctor about it even though she
said she hates to go in for every little
thing. A cough hanging on this long, though,
needs to be seen to, in my opinion.

I spent yesterday afternoon doing laundry.
The forecast was for scattered rain and
possible thunderstorms this weekend but,
so far, nothing has popped up.

I do have to get down to Walmart and get
some gas, a few household supplies and some
things for lunch this week at work. Some
more benedryl for my allergies. I wish it
would rain; it would wash some of that pollen
away outside.

I saw a male cardinal outside a little while
ago. We always seem to have one pair nesting
in the neighborhood every year.

Not much has changed yet at work. They did
get all those people moved in the other areas.
I have taken on some new duties but I'm
still waiting for cross training to start in
my area. There have been a lot of other things
going on, besides the reorganization, which
has kept the supervisors and managers from
focusing on training.

My supervisor and manager are aware of my need
to be able to take leave to come up so that
'L' can travel. They are sympathetic but their
focus right now is on other issues. They have
their own priorities and schedules, so it will
happen when it happens. Until then, I'll only
be able to come up on a weekend. I'm going to
give it another couple of weeks, then I'll just
have to come up Sat and come home Sun, like I
did a few weeks ago.

Anyway, that's where it stands right now.

I hope you've been able to enjoy some of this
nice weather out on your deck. And without any
issues with the pollen.

Love you.
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38. seflagamma
3:34 PM GMT on March 17, 2012
Hello BigBug,

Happy St Patti's Day to YOU!

Enjoy your weekend!

Rainbow image
St Patricks Day Graphics
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